DynG2G: An Efficient Stochastic Graph Embedding Method for Temporal Graphs


Dynamic graph embedding has gained great attention recently due to its capability of learning low-dimensional and meaningful graph representations for complex temporal graphs with high accuracy. However, recent advances mostly focus on learning node embeddings as deterministic “vectors” for static graphs, hence disregarding the key graph temporal dynamics and the evolving uncertainties associated with node embedding in the latent space. In this work, we propose an efficient stochastic dynamic graph embedding method (DynG2G) that applies an inductive feed-forward encoder trained with node triplet energy-based ranking loss. Every node per timestamp is encoded as a time-dependent probabilistic multivariate Gaussian distribution in the latent space, hence we are able to quantify the node embedding uncertainty on-the-fly.

arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.13441
Apoorva Vikram Singh
Apoorva Vikram Singh
Masters Student in Neural Information Processing

My research interests include Theoretical Machine Learning.